From Ugly to Pretty

Long ago I purchased this lamp at the Goodwill for 4.99. It was ugly but I saw the potential.

I wanted something for my little office that would bring some gold color, but of course I did not want to pay too much in getting a new one. So I tried the Rustoleum metallic gold paint and let me tell you, this product is AWESOME! (and no, I am not getting paid or sponsored) 

I cleaned it up really well and let it dry. Then I taped the light bulb area with tape and covered the wire with aluminum foil. I gave it a light spray, let it dry and repeated the process three times. I did not even applied primer and the paint still looks good!

I love how shiny it looks and how smooth it is!

Quick and easy “new” lamp for less than $10!!!

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Tale of a Little Side Table

Good morning friends! Sorry I have been absent from the blogging world, but we have been SICK! And ya know, when one kid gets sick all the others do as well, including parents. I am still recovering but apparently it is a slow process. I got one bug after another non stop and it has been a rough couple of weeks for our family. Since I have been indoors and taking things easy (and made a few exceptions for going to work at the Dental Office) I have been working on  some of my projects that have been abandoned in my dusty to-do-list.
I have been changing some things in my daughter’s room (she loves when I move furniture around, but the thing is that her room is so tiny that I do not have many options though!) Her room is white, pink and gold and I have been wanting to incorporate some mint colors as well. She loves it. One of the walls has gray and white stripes and I am planning on replacing those with gold vinyl polka dots.

FYI: that pink rug from Homegoods was a Goodwill find of only $7. I actually WASHED it in my washer machine (yes, you read it right) and dried it outside, then I fluffed it with a comb. My daughter LOVES it because it is so comfy for reading!
I  am not the biggest fan of pink but my daughter sure is, and I let her have her room her way, after all this is her place. Some time ago I found a cute little table at the Goodwill for $9 that looked like this:
It had marker writings on the top and looked pretty beaten up, so I cleaned it, sanded it a little bit and painted it all white.
It looked like this for the longest time but I thought it was too blah…plus this also happened:
Artistic hands took a hold of it!
While in Michaels, I came across this:
chalk paint + color I was looking for + only 8 bucks + 40% coupon= HEAVEN! 
This meant NO PREP for painting!!! YAY!  I started painting, and I had in my mind how I wanted it to be: mint, white and gold!

 (my daughter loves this birdie)

Much better! Now it is not so boring!
After the paint was dry I waxed it with Annie Sloan clear wax and painted the edges of the drawer with gold metallic acrylic paint and a small brush. I also spray painted the hardware with Rusteoleum Gold Metallic Spray paint…(BTW, this paint is the BOMB!)
All three stages:
Stay tuned for her bedroom transformation. If you know us, you know it will be cottage-y, girly with tons of thrifty finds and homemade accents…

New Life to a Goodwill Chair

I got these chairs at the Goodwill for $9. I thought they were in great shape and I envisioned what I wanted to do with them. They pretty much stayed that way for a long time because I was in the middle of more projects.

  The first thing I did was ordering some slipcovers from Sure Fit, they are only $24 or so a piece so I decided to not even stress about buying good quality fabric and doing my own. Plus you can toss them in the washer if they are dirty. After I received them I realized that the fabric is stretchy and some of it would come up so the underlying ugly white fabric would show. I knew that maybe I could buy some upholstery tack strips that are easy to put up and take off. I got  a 5 yard strip for $17 minus discounts.
I removed the fabric from the legs and all the staples. Yes, it was a P.A.I.N! I got poked several times but…oh well, it was worth it, right? I filled up the holes using wood filler and then sanded them and stained them using Dark Walnut gel stain, a couple of coats. After they dried, I applied 2 coats of Polycrilic in gloss.


Am I the only one that leaves an iron on the floor? Please tell me you do too!
I put the slipcover and added the tacks using a hammer. It is not perfect, but at least the fabric stays in place.
I think they look better. And they are super comfy!

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Garage Sale Table Makeover

I found this table at a garage sale for $15 and it was love at first sight. I saw it and I immediately envisioned how I would paint it and distress it. I needed a table for out living room and this was perfect.

I cleaned it really well with soap and water and let it dry outside. Then I primed it using Zinsser BIN primer.

I let it cure for 24 hours. I painted it using some leftover paint that I had, that happened to be Rustoleum white semi gloss paint.
I then applied dark stain that I had from painting the bathroom cabinets, it comes in the Rustoleum’s Cabinet Transformation Kit, but any kind of stain would do. I applied a generous amount using a brush and then I wiped it off using a cheesecloth.
I let it dry and then I distressed it using a fine grit sandpaper. I cleaned it good and applied two coats of Policrylyc, sanding and cleaning in between coats. I actually let it cure in the garage for a week before bringing it inside and decorating it on top. One tip: if you don’t know whether to use Polyurethane or Policrylic keep in mind that Polyurethane yellows over time if the surface is white…I found out the hard way! So I use Polyurethane for surfaces that are painted with dark colors. If I use chalk paint, wax is the best.

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Antique Buffet Makeover

I found this buffet on Craigslist about a month ago. It was love at first sight. I had been trying to find something like this for my living room, but they tend to be expensive since they are old. I found this one for a very reasonable price and I did not have to think it twice.

  Apparently the family had a cat that scratched the legs pretty good. One of the knobs was missing. My first thought was to try chalk paint. A good friend of mine tried Annie Sloan chalk paint and she told me that there was no prep, just paint…my kind of job. This buffet was so dark that I decided to prime it anyway. I cleaned it first really good first, then I filled the scratches with wood filler and sanded it using a fine grit sandpaper. Then I applied a coat of primer, I like the BIN or BONDZ primer by Zinsser.

It was harder than I thought…this has so many crevices that I had to make sure everything was covered. I tried using regular paint and THERE WERE SOME STAINS COMING THROUGH THE PAINT! They must have used a very good dark stain on this piece! I primed the stains again using BIN and problem solved. I then got the Annie Sloan chalk paint in pure white and applied two coats. Let me tell you, my friend was right. The paint sticks like glue and distresses wonderfully. I used a very nice brush for this. After I let it dry I applied one coat of the Annie Sloan clear wax, then distressed it a little bit, cleaned it and applied a second coat of wax again. I let it cure for 24 hours and then went shopping for some knobs.
I found these at the Hobby Lobby that were 50% off…yay!

These were the results:

Here is a closer look of the distressing:

I loved the results. Chalk paint is a keeper!
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Thrifty Finds

We had a lovely trip to our thrift store and we found so many goodies. And we got all these for $ 35.

Shoes for hubby and my son. A nice winter coat for Princess, a nice frame to get crafty and some wooden spoons. Not pictured: Crocs flip flops for Red Ranger (brand new with tag on for $1.99!!!)

This one made me excited…oh the possibilities!!!

Some decor for my “new bathroom” It loos really nice, night and day transformation. Stay tuned…the reveal coming this week!!

I like the vintage-y look of these things:

And what’s a sweet, precious, handsome mommy’s boy without his Bat mobile???

And another sweet, precious, handsome mommy’s boy without a Hot Wheels track?

And see that pink Little Pony’s car back there???? destined to be in the hands of a sweet little princess…