Changes in the Family Room

We are in the process of updating our little house. My husband lets me do the decor, since he does not really care that much except he won’t let me do anything too “crazy.” I had a plan in Olioboard about how I wanted it to be but my taste changed. Since we moved into our house we have been changing, and that is because we were really young and really did not know what we liked. Now we (or better said, I) know. My style is definitely “french coastal cottage,” but I also like some modern touches here and there. I do not like everything white and I like neutral colors, inspired by the beach that I so love! First it looked like this:

And now it is more like this:

This defines my style even more. I already have all the pieces of furniture, I have to repaint some of them and get some of the accents (Goodwill, here I come!) The walls will be one of my absolutely favorite: Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

Silver Satin / BM OC-26
I am thinking on doing an accent wall where the T.V is going to be, some sort of board and batten treatment. I still do not know if I want it all the way to the ceiling or not..we’ll see. I still have a lot of leftover MDF and wood from previous projects I could use them in here. For now, I am thinking something like this:
Our family room is nicely sized and it also has another wall where the piano goes and there is a bookcase there. For now it will stay like that. We already updated our floor. If you want to see the before ugliness to the after you can see it HERE.
Brazilian Cherry 7 mm Thick x 7-11/16 in. Wide x 50-5/8 in. Length Laminate Flooring (24.33 sq. ft./case)
Traffic master Brazilian Cherry laminate, Home Depot
Keep in touch you guys! I’ll let you know of any changes. We are doing this very slowly since we have baseball games and SUMMER FUN to do too!

Living Room Inspiration

I have been working on our family room for the past weeks and it is almost done. I will be revealing it to you soon. However, if you have decorating ADHD like me you start with another project before you end the previous one ;-). Since we do not have a formal dining room, our living room is the place where we gather with friends, so it is very important that we have a buffet. I already showed you the makeover that I did on the antique buffet I got on Craigslist. It has been perfect for storing Grandma’s old china, tablecloths and utensils we only use on special occasions. Today I put together an inspiration board for my living room so it is functional and serve as a double living room-entertaining room. It is not very big but it is not small either. The furniture I picked for this is very similar to the one I have already. Remember this is only an inspiration. My decorating style is, if it had a name, eclectic french cottage. I LOVE antiques, french calligraphy (and I do not speak french, but hey, it is la joie de vivre!), distressed furniture and neutrals (but not all white) with a hint of “pop” color. I really do not know if my style does have a name. And all of this has to be childproof, or in other terms, washable. Here is what I came up with:

Now this is TOTALLY me! The buffet in this picture does not look like mine, but this is only to see how things will look together. I got a coffee table for FREE that I am working on, very similar to this one. The pillows will be made using a transfer technique that I will show you that is AMAZING! So stay tuned. I have been really busy in the past weeks!

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Family Room

We are in the process of redecorating or family room. We have wanted to do this for the longest time. Now it is finally happening since we definitely need to remove our carpet. It is really old. We are going to replace that with laminate flooring in the entire house, and we will say goodbye to carpet forever.

I love the online board Olioboard, in which you can design online how you would like the room to be. I know what I want and I have in mind, but I struggle to put things together. Now that I envisioned what I want, it is time to start working. Of course none of the stuff in the pictures will be purchased, but it will be made by me 😉 since all of this is unbelievable expensive. This is what I have in mind:
I would say my style is french country-cottage but with some color. I do not like everything white, even though I love neutrals. My style is more neutrals with a pop of color. I love rustic, distressed furniture and patterned fabric, including french script. A month ago I got some couches at Craigslist that look like the one in the picture. I am planning to find fabrics close to those in the picture (and if I do not find them, I’ll stencil them!), and everything else will be OK with a coat of color. I love this look!

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so near and I still do not have our costumes ready. I have been working on them but I am not done. I am going to share with you what inspired me to create our costumes. I found this on Pinterest and I was in love:


Via Etsy, Freckles N’ Frills
I decided that it would be cute for my princess and I to be matching witches!
I have also seen these cute ones:
Spooky Witch Costume

This one is adorable too, check out the broom!

polka dot witch costume
One of my sons wants to be a Ninja. I will not attempt to make his costume because he knows exactly what costume he likes:
ninja costume
My other son first wanted to be this:
Headless costume.
But then he changed his mind and now he wants to be a ghost. Now that I can do!
Ghost costume

Or the Charlie Brown Ghost:

Do you have your costumes all ready or are you like me? Stay tuned for the finished products!