Affordable Makeover for Kitchen Counters

My family and I have been updating our home in the past couple of years. We like to DIY as much as we can. The list is endless but at the same time is fun to do things together. I love doing projects myself and learn in the process. We updated our oak kitchen cabinets this past March and we loved them! I posted a tutorial in how we painted them…still looking fab! I know I owe you the full reveal. There are some people that have written me asking me for the reveal…well, it is not done for the full reveal yet (especially since we are just coming our of summer…we do not do many home improvements in summer!) However, today I will show you what we did to improve our kitchen counters.
We had the basic, laminate counters and did not want to replace them just yet. We wanted to keep the budget as little as possible since we have bigger projects for the house to finish (like finishing the basement…). They were also VERY stained and they looked really bad!
I know some of you are familiar with this product, it is called Giani Granite.

Giani Granite Home
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No, this is NOT a sponsored post.
They sell painting kits for countertops and cabinets. Let me tell you, this product is AM-A-ZING!!!
This is how my countertops looked like:
Here are the steps:
First, you have to clean them up really well using Brillo cleaner, wipe and let dry.
Second, you have to apply the primer. It is very thick. They even give you the roller to use. Let dry…to me the “drying” part is the most difficult of the steps! LOL!

Then, using the sponge that comes with the kit, put the base paint on a paper plate and tap the sponge into the paint and then into the counter. Keep tapping and tapping to form a pattern. Let dry. You do the same with each color, usually the kit comes with three. 
The key is first playing a little bit on a piece of paper (that comes with the kit as well) so you know what pattern you like. Granite has asymmetrical patterns so really you cannot mess it up. Also, if you do not like a pattern you can let it dry and keep applying different colors, always in a tapping motion and always do it in sections.
After it is all dry, you apply the topcoat which is what really makes this over the top (no pun intended!) It gives the countertops an awesome shine just like granite. And it makes it super durable. You have to let it cure for 24 hours after that and it cures completely in 14 days. It only cost me $80 to update the countertops and I added extra life to them so they can wait for replacement!

My kit was the “Sicilian Sand.”

Let’s do a “before and after,” shall we?
Night and day difference you guys! And they are super easy to clean as well! All for less then $100! Can’t beat that!
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8 thoughts on “Affordable Makeover for Kitchen Counters

  1. Hi Keith and Kelly, they have held up great…there was one spot that I scrub often that the paint came off a little I plan to just put a little more primer and paint to cover it…for the price and considering it is paint they still look amazing. I am going to do a post coming up about the counters and cabinets since I have been receiving many emails with questions…stay tuned! thanks!! 😉

  2. Hi Alicia! the color of the cabinets is White Dove by Benjamin Moore, make sure you get it in the INSUL-X paint for cabinets from BM, they tint it to any of their colors…it is a soft white, we are in love with this color!! Show pics of the cabinets when you're done!

  3. Hello! It does not leave a texture, but you have to make sure you sand it with very thin sandpaper after you are done, otherwise there will be a little bit of a “bumpy” texture. I hope this helps…it is smooth (not super smooth) and VERY shiny, like granite. You have to let the curing time complete, about 48 hours and you can use it, but it takes 14 days to cure completely…do not scrub hard or anything within these 14 days…

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