Easy Science for Kids: Making Rain Drops

If you hear the “mom I am bored” way too often in your house or if it is raining outside, this is something that might keep the kids entertained for quite some time. My 3 and 7 year old loved this, my 10 year old was not too impressed, so this experiment works better with younger ones.
All you need is a glass container, water (not all the way through) shaving cream (we use the cheap Barbasol or Walmart brand) a dropper or a small spoon will do, and water with food coloring, we chose blue.

Put some shaving cream on top of the water, and slowly add the colored water to the top of the shaving cream. The dropper works better, we used a Wilton Decorating tube actually works wonders. The key is to slowly incorporate the colored water to the shaving cream.

Wait a little while…

Take turns putting the “rain” into the “cloud”…

Look at their faces of wonder…what will happen next?…

As the water is heavier, it will slowly travel all the way though the shaving cream, finally getting to the water and voila! We made “rain drops”!!

Also, if you get tired of waiting, you can try looking at the other side of the glass and see how funny our faces look!


Warning: after they were done, they decided to spray shaving cream all over their arms and they made a mess. Better to do it outside 😉

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