25 Days of Christmas

Today I’ll like to share what we will be doing with our Advent Calendar this year. I created a list of activities to do with the kids for each day starting December 1st until the 25th. It includes activities that are both fun and spiritual and involve learning about the Holiday season. We believe Christmas is about the birth of the Savior. Here is the list. I will be showing you my completed advent calendar very soon.

Dec 1st Put up the Christmas tree and decorations. What are the symbolism of some of the decorations?

Dec 2nd Put up the Advent Calendar and read a Christmas book each day until Christmas Eve. Get the Christmas pillow to lay under the tree
Dec 3rd Drink hot cocoa and have a testimony sharing about Christ
Dec. 4th Watch some of the life of Christ videos
Dec 5th Make tree ornaments. Work on a family motto
Dec 6th Write to Santa. Write thank you notes for a person that has helped you in your life.

Dec 7th Read the story of the birth of Christ when Mary received the news she was going to be the mother of the Savior. Why is the birth of Christ important?
Dec 8th Bake cookies. Read the birth of the Savior until the Wise Men came.
Dec 9th Talk about the Wise men and the star. Make a glow in the dark star to put in the kids bedrooms and talk about what things guides them to follow Christ.
Dec 10th Make a paper snowflake and learn why they are special. Talk about why we are special like the snowflake.
Dec 11th Read “The Tale of Three Trees” Why are trees important on Christmas?
Dec 12th Make homemade marshmallows for hot chocolate, and make some for gifts.
Dec 13th Make blankets for the Women Shelter. Talk about the gifts the Wise men brought and their importance and decide what gift they are giving the Savior this year.
Dec 14th Breakfast with Santa @ Nicholas. Who was Saint Nicholas and why does his legacy still live? Why should Christmas be about Christ and not about Saint Nicholas? Watch Joy to the World
Dec 15th Learn about music and caroling at Christmastime. How does music influence the Spirit? Sing a Christmas Hymn.
Dec 16th Go ice skating. Decide to do “ARKs” Acts of  random kindness.
Dec 17th Drive around to look for the Christmas lights in the neighborhood or park.
Dec 18th Learn about the role of the shepherds on Christmas, eat candy canes.
Dec 19th Make gingerbread houses. Where was the Savior born?
Dec 20th Learn about the angels in the Nativity story. Make paper angels for the Christmas tree
Dec 21st Make a video about what you are grateful for this Christmas season. Why do the scriptures tell us to “live in thanksgiving daily’?
Dec 22nd Mom’s birthday. Decorate cupcakes. Watch a Christmas movie.
Dec 23rd Family Christmas sing along and perform!
Dec 24th. Christmas EVE. Decorate cookies for Santa. Read the whole Luke 2 chapter. Perform the Nativity. Read “T’was the Night Before Christmas.”
Dec 25th Merry Christmas! Say a special family prayer thanking Heavenly Father for the wonderful gift He gave us, His Begotten Son Jesus Christ!

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