For the Soul Sundays

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Oh how I love this! If you are a little bit under the weather, don’t worry. Nothing is permanent and everything is temporary, including happiness. Life is like a rolling coaster. Sometimes we are at the top and sometimes we hit rock bottom.There has to be “opposition in all things” for how would we know what happiness feels like if we do not experience sorrow? Sorrow and joy go hand in hand. Sorrow makes us humbler, teachable, and more empathetic with people. Sorrow changes us for the better if we let it do so. And it is also temporary. “This too shall pass” is true, and even though we might still have scars remaining for the rest of our lives, the deep sorrow leaves, and a higher understanding penetrates our hearts. We might still grieve from time to time, but as we let grief do its thing, after we felt it and went through it, we finally reach healing. This is the hope the Gospel brings. Knowing that there is Someone who has felt it all, who has endured it all patiently, and especially, this Person loves me SO as to feel my sorrow for me so I can have it more bearable, makes all the difference. My fear gets replaced with faith, and my bad feelings are replaced with love. If you are experiencing hardships, remember they can only happen because maybe you brought that to yourself, because somebody else brought it to you or because you are being tested. In the first case, remember there is the gift of repentance. There is a scripture that says “even if your sins were as red as scarlet, they can be as white as snow” This is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He not only atoned for your sins, He also atoned for your afflictions and pain and HE OVERCAME THEM, and so can you. Depending on the degree of sin, for some it might take a little longer to repent, for some others it happens quicker, but it is possible to everyone. For the second case, you are not responsible for some else’s actions. If they chose a wrong path, no matter how devastating this is to you, it is still their choice. Do not blame yourself, and pray that things will get better. Pray to have the burden bearable. If you are being tested, remember again that it is TEMPORARY, and after this affliction you might experience true joy, a kind of joy that maybe you never felt before. They joy that comes with understanding, acceptance, faith and love. God is real. The Savior lives, He lives for he was resurrected from the dead. Please do not think He is unapproachable. He is closer than you think, if you just reach Him in praying, in searching the scriptures you will find Him, and above all, you will FEEL HIM. This is my testimony to you on this Sunday… He lives! I testify of this. I have had in my life those three degrees of sorrow. If I have done bad, I have repented and came out new. I have suffered someone else’s bad decisions and I have been tried and tried over and over. I have been in dark places before, I have felt the pain, the despair, the sadness, the hopelessness that trials bring. And I have OVERCAME THEM, only relying on the Savior KNOWING He understands…He did not answer my prayers immediately and sometimes God let me endure a little bit before bringing bigger blessings that I did not even thought of. It is kind of a muscle stretch workout for the heart, with more weighs or resistance, the stronger it becomes, and after that is is very healthy, it grows so much that your capacity for loving grew..

Remember the door is closed and He is always knocking. The doorknob is only on your side. Will you let Him in?

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