Frugal Halloween Costumes

Since Halloween is tomorrow and this post is about saving money on costumes, “Frugal Friday” will be on a Wednesday this time…Halloween is tomorrow! Yeah! I LOVE it! In Spanish we call it “Noche de Brujas” (Witch’s Night). In my Church, we do the Trunk or Treat usually the Saturday before Halloween. This year, my husband and I decided to be Mary Poppins and Bert. We used clothes we already had, except the hat, of course!

 The hat I found at the Goodwill, then I bought a fake plant there too for .49, cut the flowers and hot glued them to the hat. The white shirt is from the Salvation Army, $2.99. The gloves are from the Goodwill, $1.99. I already had the skirt and the red ribbons from another outfit. The shoes are from Old Navy (from last year). For Bert, he pretty much had everything, I just cut an old shirt for his handkerchief. The hat is from Target, clearance section, $7.50.

 The Darth Vader costume is from the Goodwill (brand new) $9.99. The Rapunzel dress is from my daughter’s birthday party. My oldest son does not like store bought costumes. Since I could not find an overall, I bought suspenders at the Goodwill, $1.99, a yellow shirt at the Salvation Army, $1.99 and a Nike yellow hat for $1.99. I then bought black pipe cleaner at Walmart for $.99, wiggly eyes for I think a dollar and preserve tin lids for $3. I already had the black ribbon and the vinyl for the “Gru.” I cut white paper the size of the lid, hot glued it on the inside, then glued the wiggly eyes. Glued the ribbon on the sides and hot glued the lids to the hat. On the back, I attached the black ribbons with Velcro. I cut and hot glued the pipe cleaners to the hat for the Minion’s hair. Using my Silhouette Portrait I cut the “G” on vinyl. My son hates jeans so he did not want to wear them and he chose to wear these blue pants. I attached the suspenders to give it the “overall” effect.

We hope you have a very fun Halloween!!

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