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I have been working on our family room for the past weeks and it is almost done. I will be revealing it to you soon. However, if you have decorating ADHD like me you start with another project before you end the previous one ;-). Since we do not have a formal dining room, our living room is the place where we gather with friends, so it is very important that we have a buffet. I already showed you the makeover that I did on the antique buffet I got on Craigslist. It has been perfect for storing Grandma’s old china, tablecloths and utensils we only use on special occasions. Today I put together an inspiration board for my living room so it is functional and serve as a double living room-entertaining room. It is not very big but it is not small either. The furniture I picked for this is very similar to the one I have already. Remember this is only an inspiration. My decorating style is, if it had a name, eclectic french cottage. I LOVE antiques, french calligraphy (and I do not speak french, but hey, it is la joie de vivre!), distressed furniture and neutrals (but not all white) with a hint of “pop” color. I really do not know if my style does have a name. And all of this has to be childproof, or in other terms, washable. Here is what I came up with:

Now this is TOTALLY me! The buffet in this picture does not look like mine, but this is only to see how things will look together. I got a coffee table for FREE that I am working on, very similar to this one. The pillows will be made using a transfer technique that I will show you that is AMAZING! So stay tuned. I have been really busy in the past weeks!

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  1. Hi Vivian I love the look of your family room. Can't wait to see the finished one. I'm doing my whole house at the mo. My husband is putting in a new kitchen so I will have to share with you lol. Good luck

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