Frugal Friday 3

Do you really use your leftover food? In our home we never throw food away except is in bad condition. The kids have a tendency to get “tired” of eating the same food a couple of days after. I have to get creative and use all the leftovers. I had already planned for a meal yesterday, but since we had some friends for dinner and had plenty of leftovers, I knew I can use them to create a new meal with little added ingredients from my pantry. For dinner in Tuesday, we had Lemon Chicken and baked potatoes. I had plenty left over, including dark and white meat. This meal could NOT be simpler.
Leftovers potatoes and chicken, we could just warm them up and eat them like this. But it would not be enough for the 5 of us! So I turned this:

 Into this: potato and chicken hash! And the family loved it!
I simply cut the potatoes and chicken into little squares. I heated a large skillet with EVOO, I warmed the potatoes and cooked them a little bit until they got crispy on the outside. I minced two cloves of garlic and chopped up some thyme and added them to the potatoes. I seasoned them with salt and pepper. I later added the chicken to warm up. I served this with creamed spinach and warm, crusty bread.

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