Princess 3rd Birthday

The Princess of the house turned three and wanted a Princess birthday. Since she does not have too many friends yet, we invited her closest and did something very simple. She loves castles so I decided to make a castle cake. It was fun to make. I am not a cake decorator so I really do not care for professionally decorated looking cakes. I wanted her cake to look like a mommy homemade cake, with things she loves: ice cream cones, wafers, pink frosting and chocolate!

For the cake I prepared cake batter for two cakes but divided them in 4 square smaller cakes. After they cooled I made butter cream frosting with added food coloring. The cake had three layers of cake and two layers of frosting.
After I put the “crumb layer” I put the cake in the freezer for 15 minutes to seal the crumbs. I do not like those in my top layer…

I then cut the left over cake into quarters. and used two of those for the top of the castle. I used one layer of frosting in the middle. I repeated the same thing as before, put it back in the freezer to seal the crumbs.
I then frosted the bigger cake and put it back in the fridge. Then I frosted the little cake and put it on top of the big cake. Using “Easy Frost” frosting (tongue twister!) I decorated the sugar cones and rolled them in pink sugar. I then added the candy for decor. The cone in the middle is a smaller one. I used strawberry wafers to make the windows and doors of the castle. My daughter loved her cake. 

The meal consisted of burgers and hot dogs and there were also treats such as chips, grapes, strawberries, sugar cookies, strawberry oreos and carrots. The drink was white grape raspberry juice.

We had a “decorate your own crown” station.

We had a “dress up” station with jewelry, princess wands and dresses.

Of course we had a big mirror!!

I decorated the dining room with pictures of her telling how much she has grown! (do you see that board and batten? tutorial coming soon!)

We had purple, pink and white balloons (Rapunzel’s dress colors, the one she was wearing!) on the floor for a fun “popping the balloon-freeze” game.

 We also had a “bag” pinata. We found out the cardboard ones are too hard for little ones to break.

She had lots of fun!

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