Two Toddler Experimenting Activities

My daughter is almost three and she loves everything “discovery”. She adores to get messy, to play pretend and color…yes, even color the walls with permanent marker! Yikes! I love to teach her and she loves to learn. 

First we experimented with colors. With this simple (and edible) activity she learned that if you mix colors, colors change. It was like magic to her and I loved when she discovered this! 
First, mix up some vanilla instant pudding, with only 1 3/4 cups of milk instead of the 2 cups (your kid will love to do the mixing). Then, separate the mixture in 4 bowls and add some food coloring to each. We did red, green, blue and plain (yellow of the vanilla).

 Get a big container for mixing and let her/him experiment!

 In case you did not notice, yes, she is a Princess 24/7 of the day! Here she is wearing a Cinderella dress!

Activity #2 Salt Play dough
1 cup of salt, 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of water.
Let them mix it. This is a great sensory activity. My daughter kept adding the salt. She then used it to “cook” pizzas and playing with the rolling pin. She also uses cookie cutters to create shapes. You can also practice shapes and sizes, and if you want to, you  can color the play dough by adding food coloring. I have another recipe for play dough that I like best using Jello, but this is a quick recipe for hours of fun!

3 thoughts on “Two Toddler Experimenting Activities

  1. She looks like she's having fun! I've never thought of using vanilla pudding for colour experiments. What a yummy idea! Thanks for sharing!

    I found your post on Mom's Monday Mingle.

    Missy from Dot-to-Dot Connections.

  2. Three cheers for you for 1) Letting your daughter get messy 2) Letting her get messy in her princess dress 3) Letting her wear a princess dress! Thanks for stopping by my website via Naptime review. Newest follower.

  3. Both of these activities look like so much fun!!! So nice to see little ones be creative.
    Stopping by from “Moms Monday Mingle”. Following you on Bloglovin, Twitter, and Pinterest.
    Have a great week 🙂
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama

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