Herbs in The Kitchen

In my dreams, my kitchen has a big window in which I can display my kids gifts for Mother’s day, decorations and my cooking herbs. Here is an absolute dream…

                         Deep Windowsill
Hey, if we are gonna dream, let’s dream BIG!

 Since my kitchen window is so little, I have to get creative. I can still decorate with plants. I love the touch they give to a room. In the kitchen, I can decorate with herbs and have them in hand for whenever I need them AND I can have them all year round. In my garden I have rosemary, thyme, cilantro and parsley, the herbs that we use the most. I also planted basil but it died ;-( so I have to go to Walmart and get some for my kitchen. Honestly, having this herbs in your kitchen will also make it smell so good! I personally adore the smell of rosemary, and it tastes so yummy on roasted potatoes! Why buy dried if you can have them fresh?
I found a sale on terracotta planters for .79 cents each. I knew EXACTLY what I would do with them! After a love hug from Annie Sloan chalk paint and some silhouette decals, they would be transformed…
They started like this:

I applied two coats of chalk paint in ultra white. After they dried I sanded out the edges using fine grit sandpaper.

I cut the numbers using my Silhouette Portrait and vinyl.

Then I applied a coat of wax to seal it. Ta da! I have my favorite herbs on hand (basil missing) for whenever I need them plus the kitchen smells divine!

Do you like to have fresh herbs in the kitchen? Let me know in the comments section. Stay tuned…in two days…Frugal Friday #2 is coming!
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