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We know for sure that if we are prepared we have nothing to fear. In these hard financial times, we know sometimes preparation takes a little bit (or a whole lot) of sacrifice. The Church I attend to promotes preparedness in several ways. We are encouraged to live within our means, to save for a rainy day, to have a food storage system and emergency kits and to be prepared physically by doing our best in keeping good healthy habits as well as spiritually, by seeking after all those things that are inspiring and makes us better people. I know doing all these things sound great, but in the tough times we are living it can be a little demanding to do if we are not organized. I decided to dedicate a couple of Fridays a month to these new posts labeled “Frugal Fridays.”

 I will be writing about different ways we accomplish different goals of preparedness: from saving money to creating a food storage system, to decorating on a budget, to saving on groceries. Since I do all of these things on a daily basis, I would love to share with you what I do to live within our means without sacrificing fun. It will not go in any order. Today I will like to show you how I save on clothes. I am pretty sure a lot of you do this too. 
In my Goodwill there is a Friday of the month (usually the last) that all the clothes are $1.23…amazing deal. They open at 9 am and they usually have a line of people waiting outside. I have a budget for what I am willing to spend there, even if the clothes are really cheap I can get over excited and spend more than I should. I usually have a list of things I am really looking for, especially clothes for the kids. In my last trip I was looking for clothes for me (I only buy tops, sweaters and t-shirts but I never buy jeans, those I can get for cheap at Old Navy with coupons) and I was especially looking for dressy pants and shirts for the boys. My budget was 60 dollars maximum, but when I shop I NEVER surpass my budget, I always spend less.
Here is what I got, lots of goodies!

 I do not know if you can see but I could find dressy pants for my boys, shirts and even pajama pants, jeans shorts and t-shirts. For my daughter I got jeans, shorts and a couple of long sleeve shirts for fall. For my husband I got two t shirts and a shirt.
I did not have to sacrifice brands either. Here is a perfect jacket for Fall, in perfect condition and it is from American Eagle.

I got cute t-shirts and shirts for me, a couple of sweaters and a cardigan. And there you can also see a pair of shoes for my son that were $1.99 and had Batman on them! He loved them!

Some other brands were Gap, Mossimo, Old Navy, Dockers and Hollister. Not bad. Good quality, gentle
used clothes for only $1.23 each!

I know you are dying to know how much I spent…total of $44 dollars for all these clothes. If you have this at your local Goodwill give it a try! Have a budget for what you can spend monthly in clothes for your family. This will save you tons of money if you don’t mind wearing used clothes…I don’t. With jeans I am a little more picky because I want them to fit nice. But I can tell you that I have NEVER bought a pair of jeans and paid full price. The Target 50 and 70% off clothing are a great way to save money too. I have bought pants there for 8 dollars. If you have any other ideas to save money on clothes or shopping, I would love to hear them! If you would like to be featured on Frugal Fridays with your ideas send me an e-mail (on the right sidebar). Have a great weekend!

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  1. I always have trouble at Goodwill and other consignment stores because it seems like it can take forever to go through and find good deals/brands. Also, I think it's wise to become knowledgable as to what a good deal is (a brand from Walmart may not be as good a deal as from Baby Gap, etc.) I love these tips…and I agree that Target has great clearance stuff too!

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