Little Lamp Makeover

I have had this little lamp on top of our piano for quite a long time. The lamp that was on my daughter’s nightstand broke and she needed a new one. We love having this lamp on her nightstand because at night we read stories in bed and use it. My princess is all girly and she absolutely loves pink, pink everything! I took one of the lamps on top of the piano and decided to do a makeover. The lamp itself is from Walmart and very inexpensive. I bought a self adhesive lamp shade a Hobby Lobby (with discount coupon, of course), and had in mind using ribbon and flowers.
First, I cut a piece of fabric to glue to the shade. I had some left over from some Target curtains, this was very easy using the hot glue gun. 
Before, it looked like this:

After I glued the fabric:

I found this cute fabric flowers on Hobby Lobby

Hot glued some ribbon on the edges and on the inside.

Then I cut and glued polka dot ribbon in the center.

Added the flower and ta da! “New” lamp for my princess bedroom! She loved it!

I really have to update that picture…my friend Sarah took it when my princess turned 1…She is almost 3!!!
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