Stairs Reveal

It is FINALLY here. After soooo long my stairs (well, the ones going to the family room, the other ones going upstairs are still waiting for the makeover) are D.O.N.E. It was work but it is soooo worth it. Remember I told you about the process here? Well, we just finished them last week. Here they are:

Wall color: Maison Blanche by Sherwin Williams

We also changed the carpet to laminated flooring. We used Traffic Master laminate flooring from Home Depot (99 cents a square feet, yeah!) because it was a great deal and had great reviews. So far it has been great. We also did our family room. Remember the inspiration? Stay tuned because the reveal is coming soon! 😉

I don’t know if you noticed, but the stair railing also got a makeover! I stripped the glossy finish and sanded it really good. Then I applied two coats of Varathane gel in Dark Walnut. After it dried I applied two coats of Policrylic. It used to be the oak orangey look.
Hello there gorgeous!
  (did you notice the big bag of  Hot Wheels tracks upstairs? ha ha)

Since I forgot to take a picture of the “before” these stairs with the carpet are the ones going upstairs (we have a tri-level home) but they are actually the same, just opposite directions)
What do you think? quite a change, huh! The most important thing is that I do not have all that horrible accumulated dust and junk in our carpet. My oldest son is allergic to dust mites and this helps a little.The cons is that some dust does show on the dark wood. I love it though!

Now we get to do this AGAIN!!!!

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