Family Room

We are in the process of redecorating or family room. We have wanted to do this for the longest time. Now it is finally happening since we definitely need to remove our carpet. It is really old. We are going to replace that with laminate flooring in the entire house, and we will say goodbye to carpet forever.

I love the online board Olioboard, in which you can design online how you would like the room to be. I know what I want and I have in mind, but I struggle to put things together. Now that I envisioned what I want, it is time to start working. Of course none of the stuff in the pictures will be purchased, but it will be made by me 😉 since all of this is unbelievable expensive. This is what I have in mind:
I would say my style is french country-cottage but with some color. I do not like everything white, even though I love neutrals. My style is more neutrals with a pop of color. I love rustic, distressed furniture and patterned fabric, including french script. A month ago I got some couches at Craigslist that look like the one in the picture. I am planning to find fabrics close to those in the picture (and if I do not find them, I’ll stencil them!), and everything else will be OK with a coat of color. I love this look!

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