Balloon Rockets

We have been having a great summer. How is your going? It has been quite cold in June for swimming, so we created ways to entertain the kids and keep them away from the screen. We saw this post on Pinterest, and decided to create our own version outside.

All you need is:

  • Large balloons (this depends on the distance you want the rocket to travel, our was kind of far ;-))
  • Yarn
  • Duct tape (we tried painter’s tape and it did not work)
  • Straws
First, insert a straw in one of the ends of the yarn.
Then, you tie the yarn to both ends. We did it outside from one side to the fence to the other.

 Then you inflate the balloon, and attach a piece of tape to the top of the straw and the balloon. Do not tie it.

 Let it go all the way!! This is the tricky part. Some of our balloons would fall off the tape, that is why I suggest duct tape. Larger balloons will travel farther. The kids had a blast. I had a hard time picturing the balloons flying because I had to be helping the kids and taking the pictures with the other hand. I thought it was a cheap and fun activity to try!

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