Little Makeover to an Old Rug

I have been working on my sons’ room. I picked the colors gray, orange, blue and green. It used to be blue and red. I purchased this rug on Target in 2010 so it is not new but I thought it still had a lot of life left so I did not want to buy a new one. So I got a little creative. There is nothing paint cannot fix!
Here is the rug before:

The plan was getting rid of the red stripes. I cleaned it up a little bit and then mixed fabric medium with acrylic paint in a bowl.

I taped the lines carefully using FROG tape (it is the best for painting lines).

I put old towels underneath, making sure the paint did not go through the rug. It was so think that it seemed the rug absorbed the paint really well. I painted it using a foam brush and applied two coats. I let it dry for 24 hours, and here are the results:

Now it matches my sons room decor! Cheapest makeover EVER! Stay tuned for the room tour…

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