Halloween Mantels

Today I am sharing my favorite Halloween mantels decorations. Since I do not have a fireplace, I decorate my  shelves in the kitchen and family room. Someday our future home will have a fireplace ;-).
Here are my favorite 10 mantels that I found in blogs and websites:

I am in love with this one and what she did with the existing pictures!
I love the vintage feeling of this one:
Halloween Mantels Decorating Tweleve 27 Best Decorating Of Halloween Mantels
And the country feeling of this one:
Halloween Mantels Decorating Five
The bats flying here are awesome!
Source: 52 Mantels

This one wins for the “spookiest!”
Halloween Mantels Decorating
I love the lighting on this one:
Halloween Mantels Decorating Twenty 27 Best Decorating Of Halloween Mantels
This one is so simple and yet elegant.
Source Starshine Chic

Here is another one with cool lighting!
rip halloween fireplace mantels interior ideas
Source Home Trend Design

And my all time favorite goes for:

Source House of Smiths…I LOVE this and I love her blog!
Which one is your favorite?

7 thoughts on “Halloween Mantels

  1. Hola Vivian! I am SimplyyMayra of PonderWonders coming by to say thanks for the GFC love and support you left me. I am reciprocating the love and am now your new GFC friend #66. I really love all the decorations, but my fave is “Front Home Design”. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to getting to know more about you and yours!


  2. Oh I am so very inspired to get some spooky into our home. Thanks for this.

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