Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so near and I still do not have our costumes ready. I have been working on them but I am not done. I am going to share with you what inspired me to create our costumes. I found this on Pinterest and I was in love:


Via Etsy, Freckles N’ Frills
I decided that it would be cute for my princess and I to be matching witches!
I have also seen these cute ones:
Spooky Witch Costume

This one is adorable too, check out the broom!

polka dot witch costume
One of my sons wants to be a Ninja. I will not attempt to make his costume because he knows exactly what costume he likes:
ninja costume
My other son first wanted to be this:
Headless costume.
But then he changed his mind and now he wants to be a ghost. Now that I can do!
Ghost costume

Or the Charlie Brown Ghost:

Do you have your costumes all ready or are you like me? Stay tuned for the finished products!

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