Halloween Time is Nigh!

My kids are super excited about Halloween this year. I try to keep the feeling alive by making things at home  they love and also that will be cherished for life. I hope that when they have kids they will share some of the things mom would do with them to make childhood so exciting.
I am starting this new “series” called “Halloween Time is Nigh” in which I will be sharing Halloween  recipes, crafts, decor and games every MONDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY until “THE DAY.” I have been doing so much already that I honestly haven’t had time to share them with my family and friends (AKA, you!).
Being so thrifty is an outlet for me to be more creative. I decided this week I wanted to have some Halloween pillows for my living room. I saw some cute ones at Target but I would never pay 15 dollars or so for a pillow…never! So I went to my fav store (Hobby Lobby) and found bandannas…made out of Halloween fabric! I could not believe my eyes!  and they were only 1.99! so I got a couple of those plus some black ones for only .99 (for the back of the pillow) and I could hardly wait to get home and start sewing! I thought that making slipcovers for the pillows I already have would not only save money but also storage. I thought that if I stuffed the new pillows they would occupy so much room! However, slipcovers would be much easier to use PLUS I can change the pillows I already have for all the different seasons (Christmas pillows, you just wait for me!)

Here are the materials: pillows, scissors, bandannas and not pictured Velcro.

 First I was measuring the size of the pillow to the size of the bandannas. I decided I did not wanted to cut them but rather leave quite a bit of room to fold.

 For the back of the pillow I used a cheaper bandanna in black…can’t beat .99 cents!

I pretty much sewed a “bag” leaving an opening to insert the pillow. And yes, I did not care if the seams were not perfect…

This is what I had, but I recommend a more heavy duty Velcro.

Insert the pillow…

See how much fabric I left? I wanted to have enough for folding and attaching the Velcro.

I pretty much folded it like a present:

At this point I attached the velcro.

All done!

I made some more…

It literally took me like 30 minutes to make these 3.
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