Halloween Crafting

The kids and I have been very busy with all the fall activities, going to the Pumpkin Patch, Apple Orchard, decorating the house (post to come!) and doing crafts. The dollar store has an amazing collection of Halloween stuff to get crafty. The kids costumes are being made (another post to follow!) and I love how the house smells like cinnamon and apples. Isn’t fall wonderful and fun!
I will be showing you the crafts we have been doing with the kids. Nothing too impressive, but simple enough for all of us to make and have fun.
I found this on Walmart for 99 cents:
Wiggly Eyes!!

My son wanted to make spiders. We took a pipe cleaner and wrap it around a finger. This would be the body of the spider.

Then we cut two pipe cleaners into 4 strips for the legs, total of 8.

We wrap them around the spider body and glued the wiggly eyes. Note: you will have to hot glue this because the regular glue did not work very well.
This is my son’s spider:

 My spider:


We then made some bats (my son’s favorite Halloween decor thing)
We used 4 pipe cleaners, 2 of each color, and lined them.

We then used another pipe cleaner of a different color and wrap around the previous 4 ones.

We then connected the green ones together.

 Here is another picture of the bat’s “body.”

Then we connected the black ones to the green ones, and shaped the wings a little bit to make them look more like bat’s wings and not butterflies…!!
We hot glued the eyes, and voila!

My son loved this!

Here is a picture of another one we made with 4 pipe cleaners instead of two. The wings will be bigger.

Picture of my son’s tarantula!

What have you been crafting for Halloween?

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  1. Hi! It's Roni from HomePayge blog! Thanks so much for visiting and following along! I'm now following back! I love pipe cleaners! My kids do also:) You can make so many fun things with a simple pipe cleaner!

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