Easy Yummy Doughnuts

Fall weather equals yummy doughnuts from the Apple Orchard ;-). My family loves to go to the local Apple Orchard and eat those doughnuts that melt in your mouth. My kids have been asking if the Orchard is open because they want to go see the Halloween decor and eat donuts. I told then it was not until September and they asked me “mom, can you make us some doughnuts for Family Home Evening? (a night in the week when we gather and talked about our family, concerns, etc and we have a little lesson, a game and treats, more on this on a future post). It was already 4 p.m and I was getting ready to get dinner started. I saw I had Pillsbury biscuits, and I had seen Giada Di Laurentiis make doughnuts before with leftover pizza dough. I said to myself “why not?” This is what I had:

I knead them a little bit with some flour and made them rounder.

Then using a cookie cutter I cut a little star from the middle.

Just like that.

I put them in a baking sheet and brushed them with butter, and baked them in a 400 degree oven for about 10 to 13 minutes.

I brushed then with butter again and sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar.

The kids loved them.

Then I realized that I had to try them fried. I did the same, but put the cinnamon sugar inside a lunch bag.

I fried them in canola oil.

I did not use any butter, I simply put them in the bag one by one and shook the bag to get them coated evenly.

They were TASTY! The kids devoured these fast!

Try to eat them while they are hot. All it needs is some homemade apple cider!

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