Camera Decisions…

I am in the process of buying a nicer camera, but I do not know which one to buy. I have been researching for months now, and still can’t decide. I want an entry level DSLR. I know the Cannon Rebel t3i has good ratings, but so does the Nikon d3100. I know megapixels count, and that the rebel has  more stuff. However, I am not a professional photographer and I do not want to pay for all those fancy things on a camera that I can edit with a good software program. I thought maybe I can buy the Nikon and then with time I can add different lenses and gadgets. One associate at Best Buy recommended it for beginners since it is easy to use. However, the Rebel still calls my name. I do not want to buy a camera that I will have to upgrade in a couple of years. HELP!!! Can you tell me which camera do you use or like? I appreciate any suggestions!!




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