Feeling Sick

Hello my friends! Well, I have been feeling really sick…I do not know if it is food poisoning or some kind of “bug” but anyways, I have not posted anything since Wednesday. I was a couch potato for a couple of days, thank goodness I was not feeling like this when I went to work on Wednesday. Anyways, since we “keep it real” here at The Family Fun Spot, I want to share with you what happens when mama is sick. Enjoy!

Kitchen a mess, of course, Meals consist of leftovers, crackers, bread, crackers and crackers.

They do what they are not allowed to do…I think it is time to buy them a trampoline!

Toys not picked out and laundry not done.

Nobody cares if the shoes are all over the house…

And some lady cries for attention when I am even unable to pick her up…still have to do the effort of changing diapers and feeding her Gerber “Squeezables.”

Despite all this, life is beautiful! The mess means that my kids LIVE and that my house is well LIVED. And I also realized the importance of my calling as a mother and how much they NEED me. To nourish them spiritually, mentally and physically, to love them and to be a good influence. My sons even made a card saying “get well soon” because they miss me playing with them, reading to them or doing something fun together (like science experiments…)
Moms out there, you ROCK. You are IRREPLACEABLE. You are doing your best. You are loved.

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