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My friends Tonya and Jamie are expecting baby girls. A group of my friends organized a baby shower for them. I was in charge of the fruit platter. Years ago I did this for my friend Darcy when she had her daughter, but the carriage did not have a baby inside. I saw an idea kind of like this in Pinterest but I still made it my own.
First, I got a seedless watermelon, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and toothpicks.
I washed the watermelon, and I cut it like this:

I took out a little piece of the bottom to stabilize the carriage. Otherwise the bottom would be rounded and it would not be stable. You can see on the right the piece I cut, it is thin.

 I finished cutting the top,but not all the way through. Then I cut lengthwise, leaving a rectangle on the back.

Then I cut a square inside the rectangle.

Then using a spoon I took out most of the watermelon flesh.

Then I started decorating the carriage:

I cut some lemon slices, and inserted them in the watermelon using a toothpick. Then I added a grape on top.

I then started working on the baby’s face. I cut a half a small cantaloupe, peeled it and took of the middle seeds out.

I inserted two toothpicks for the eyes, and cut a little opening for the mouth and put one of my daughter’s binkies to decorate.

I inserted two toothpicks in the watermelon to support the baby’s face. Then I put several cuts of the watermelon flesh in the back of the baby for support. I put the baby’s face in the toothpicks and it stayed pretty secure in there.

I finished by decorating the baby’s “blanket” with strawberries, watermelon and cantaloupe. It would actually be cuter if the strawberries were dipped in pink white chocolate. I decorated with some more grapes and put a little “bow” on the baby’s hair 😉

Here she is!

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  1. I have seen the before, and I have always thought they were the cutest thing ever. It is a really nice treat to have all that fruit at a baby shower. I love the little flower/head accessory. Have a lovely day.

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