Summer Learning and Fun

My kids are really full of energy, and they feel that if they have “nothing to do” they get bored. As I mentioned before, we have a schedule that we follow, including 30 minutes or so for “school.” This is what we do:

They each got their summer practice books for the following year. My oldest got the third grade review and my youngest the Kindergarten review. I highly recommend the Kumon Books. They even come with a calendar and stickers to track progress and praise them for their hard work.

I also got these from the local Library. They have reading comprehension activities, and math facts and fun stuff. They also have games that you can play related to the story or theme. They actually love having school time, but we have to keep it short. It is summer break above all!

I love that one particular story taught them the importance of compassion. That afternoon they found a lost little bird in our front yard. And it actually matched our THEME FOR THE MONTH which is animals. We did not have any bird food, but they had a sweet idea:

Out of fireworks boxes, they built him a house! I thought it was so kind of them. And they also told me “mom, we’re recycling!”

They also volunteer to do chores around the house for extra money and to cook lunch. Mr. Lewis makes his famous quesadillas:

And they never stop creating using anything they can find. Here Red Ranger made a boat.
And above all, LOTS and LOTS of time spent OUTSIDE for water fun!

Let them get muddy and dirty!

Never stop creating and learning!

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