Olympics Birthday Party

My son turned 8 (sniff sniff…) and he wanted an Olympics party. He is really athletic and loves sports. We decided we were going to hang out outside. I bought a canopy that was on sale, borrowed some tables and chairs from Grandma and set the party outside. Since it was so hot it worked out, because we had the slip n’ slide, the little pool and the sprinklers going outside to cool a little bit!

We then set different stations with different sports:

Shooting, boxing (using Soccer Boppers) pool with water guns, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, hula hoop and swimming.

They did have a blast!

Food consisted of hot dogs, chips, popsicles, watermelon and cupcakes.

And of course the Pinata and Sack race!

It was fun! Happy birthday my little angel!!
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