Easy Subway Art

I wanted to create a Subway Art for my boy’s room, but since I do not have a Silhouette (despite my efforts in convincing Santa I needed it) I had to get a little creative. I went to shop at Michaels and there were nice sets of letter stickers on sale (less than a dollar) and canvases were 50% off. My mind started spinning again. I knew what to do!
I basically put the sticker letters on the canvas and really secured them rubbing a credit card on the surface.

I then spray painted with black paint.The key here is to spray a little and let it dry, otherwise it might bleed. Mine bled a little bit, you can correct it using a paint brush and white acrylic paint, but I kind of liked the “vintage” look it gave it. You can also give it a coat of antiquing glaze.

Let it dry. Peel stickers and you are all done!

 Really easy!

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