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I really love baking, but I do not like to have flour all over my tummy! I really needed an apron (my old one was too old and stained) and I decided to sew my own, since it seemed pretty easy. Well, it was! I used my old apron as a guide.

 I wanted to use two different kinds of fabric, so I used the polka dots fabric for the top and the ruffles, and the flower fabric for the skirt part. I first traced the top with a pencil and cut the fabric.
This is how it looked like after it was cut. I then ironed a seam allowance (about 1 cm) and sewed it.

The skirt part was easy. I used a yard of fabric (remember that when you do ruffles you have to multiply your size by 2). I sewed a hem and then used the regular ruffle method. I sewed one line close to the top edge using the biggest stitch, and leaving plenty of thread to pull on both ends. I did a back stitch at the beginning but not at the end. I then sewed another line using exactly the same technique, about 1 cm below the first one. I then pulled the ends and fixed the ruffles, gathering them. I decided to secure the ruffles by sewing on top of them.

I then gathered both hems (from the top and the skirt) and sewed them (remember now to lower your stitch length!) Make sure you open the final hem and iron to secure. I also cut 2 pieces of fabric of about 25 cm by 6 cm each and 2 more of about 50 cm x 6cm and sewed them on the reverse side, so they looked like a tube. I turned them inside out and sewed one end of them by just turning that edge inside in and sewing on top. I sewed the other end to to apron. Those would be the ties for the neck and the waist (sorry I do not have a picture of this).
I then did the bottom ruffles the exact way I did the skirt except that I just cut a large rectangle. Same method. I sewed the bottom of the skirt and the ruffles. I opened the hem and ironed it.

Here is a close up of the ruffles:

I decided it needed something more so I manually sewed in some fabric flowers (sorry not the best picture!)

And here is one more picture:

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