Vacation to the West and Traveling Tips

We had a great time in out trip to the west. We attended our nephew’s wedding in Logan, Utah. We stopped by Mount Rushmore on the way and let me tell you what an impressive thing it is! not only because of the brave men carved in the mountain, but because of the size, detail and time it took this artist to finally get it done perfectly (14 years!!!!)
Here are some pics of out vacation:

 We drove for two days going there and two more days coming back. The kids did wonderful, we were actually very surprised! Here are some tips for travelling long distances with small children (we traveled more than 3,000 miles!):

  • DVD’s are wonderful! we bought a car DVD player set at Target for 99 dollars and brings two 7 inch TV’s. They brought their favorite movies along
  • I packed a backpack for each with activities they like to do. For my 7 year old, there was his Kindle with books and games, history books about Mount Rushmore and the states we were visiting (from the library, just make sure you do not lose them!), addition and multiplication books, cursive letters practice books, crayons and paper. For my 5 year old he brought his Leap Frog, another game in which he can practice writing letters, preschool activity books, crayons, paper, coloring books and books with pictures, superheroes, etc. He brought two of his favorite toys. For my one year old, her dollies, crayons and paper and Dora Books.
  • We brought audio books from the library, Harry Potter and Charlotte’s Web
  • They brought their pillow pets and blankies
  • TONS of snacks, they incuded: two laundry baskets, one with everyday snacks consisting of mandarin oranges, peaches cups, multigrain crakers, goldfish, granola bars, instant oatmeal (for a quick breakfast) tuna, bread, cereal PB, jelly, apples, bananas. Another basket with medications (my son has asthma, so we have to bring a nebulizer wherever we go) pain reliever, fever reducer, thermometer, Neosporin, bandaids, Pepto-bismol, Benadryl,Albuterol, diapers, wipes, paper plates, disposable utensils, napkins. In a cooler we brought water, string cheese, lunchmeats and grapes. Each one had a container for water and for snacks. 
  • We stopped if they got restless or needed a potty break or stretching and or diaper change.
  • We had a big dinner meal and a light lunch.
We had a blast!!! I hope you are enjoying this summer too!

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