Decorating With What you Have

I am a true believer in reusing, recycling and spending little money from groceries, to decorating to clothes. Some people in my family ask me (and laugh a little too) how in the world I got that item for cheap, or they tell me “every time I go to the Goodwill I don’t find anything for me.” The clue is that you have to spend a little time SOME  time to really look around. When I go to the thrift store my mind gets spinning with all the possibilities and ideas (do you get the same feeling?) I just love it. I was going though the process of getting rid of some stuff from the basement  -which we plan on finishing soon- and I found a lovely frame that I had thought it was meant to be donated. Well, I had another one of those “mind spinning” moments that it could be used on Princess’s room. I think this is self explanatory and I do nod need to post a tutorial…
It was just a plain cherry stained wood frame, in which I removed the glass and spray painted white. Hmmm… What else do I have in the craft room? Scrapbook paper?…check…Wooden letter?…check…Craft paint in yellow? CHECK!

I cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the frame, hot glued the letter, attached the back of the frame and hung it on the wall.

Could it get any simpler than this? My kind of project! Princess’s room reveal coming soon!!!

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