Old Shirt Pillow Slipcover

As you know, I have been working hard on Princess’s room. It’s coming along, I can’t wait to show you. But oh! It takes so much time and work when you are as thrifty as I am! I have been saving stuff for over a year now, waiting patiently to have more time to do the makeover.
I had an old t-shirt that I saw some potential for recycling ;-). I actually bought this shirt at the Goodwill for myself, but after I tried it on AFTER BUYING IT, it was too big (and it was the Daisy Fuentes brand!) ha ha ha!
I also had a very old pillow that had been waiting in the rocking chair more than 18 months to have a slipcover.
I decided the two of them were made for each other and that is how this project begun!

This is what they looked like:

First, I inserted the shirt in to the pillow. I kind of pictured what I wanted it to look like. I wanted the buttons to show. Since it was for my little girl’s room I also wanted some “girly touch” on it.

I then cut it. It helped that it had stripes! It is OK if it does not look perfect.

I then sewed one end. Now it looks like a “bag.” This was the bottom opening of the shirt.

The top opening of the shirt was a little tricky to sew. I stuffed the pillow inside, rolled both hems inward and sewed it. I knew it did not have to look cute because I wanted to glue lace all around the pillow.

There she is!

I then hot glued lace all around it. You will see this lace matches other things in the room 😉
I made rosettes out of left over fabric and hot glued those.
Ta Da!

And there is a little girl who is enjoying it very much!

Now go to your closet, find an old shirt and create your own! It’s been FUN!

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