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I have been working on my daughter’s room for the last two weeks. One thing I wanted to do were hang some canvas pictures of her. But since canvas are a little pricey, I found this pack of canvas panels at Walmart for less than $4 for three of them. I said to myself “this is it.”

I did the matte Mod Podge version that we have seen on Pinterest a gazillion times. However, after trial and error, I liked to print my pictures on card stock. They look a little vintage which I love. The thin paper would bubble on me, despite how many times I used that credit card to smooth them!
So first I applied Mod Podge to the canvas, then applied the picture, smoothed it out with a credit card, and mod podged the top with a generous amount using a sponge brush.
After they dried, they looked beautiful!
This picture was taken by my friend Sarah. Check out her blog!

(I don’t know if you noticed but YES, I mod podged my desk! I’ll show you this later!)

Super easy!

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