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I have been working on a project for the last week, that is a reason for me not posting as much. There is a little lady who is growing so much that she deserves a “big girl” room, so we are trying to redecorate her former nursery to a girl bedroom.I really wanted to add some character to the room so I made this very inexpensive tissue pom poms. The tutorials are all over the internet and Pinterest, but after trial and error I kind of made it my own even though there is pretty much just the same steps.
I went to Walmart and Michaels and got these materials:

Tissue, beading wire and scissors.
The first step is opening the tissue packet and layer the 8 sheets.

Step 2 is start making folds, about 1/2 inch each

 Make it look like an accordion.

Tie the center with the wire. Make sure you leave enough wire for tying the pom pom to the hook, depending on how low or high you want it.

Cut the ends to be either round shape or pointy. I cut quite a bit from the end because I did not want my pom pom to be too big. But they look cool when they are in different sizes!

Then you fold it in half (so it will look perfectly round when you open it) and cut the other end.

Start opening the layers, but be very careful. The trick is not to do the folding too tight.

Here is one half completed. Then do the other half in the opposite direction.

There you have them! You can hang them up in different lengths. I will hang a whole bunch of these in Princess LB’s room.

 Here I was just experimenting with the lengths, excuse the hanging wires!

Here they are in Princess’s room. Really easy to do!

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