For the Soul Sundays

    An excerpt from the Ensign March 1998:

            …..Nearby in the kitchen, a mound of dirty dishes waits for me in the sink.  The laundry is not done, the carpet not vacuumed, the bathroom not scrubbed.  Toys are strewn haphazardly all over the living room and kitchen floor.  A pile of unpaid bills sits arrogantly on top of the bookcase, 
    exerting silent authority.  All of a sudden, the negative aspects of the moment seem to outweigh the positive.
            But it is really not so.  I remind myself that I need to look beyond the temporarily mists and regain my eternal vision of clarity.  A house does not have to be perfect to be a home of joy, a child does not have to behave perfectly to love and be loved, and every moment of life does not have to 
    be perfect to be of value.
             There is perhaps nothing more delightful than the sound of a little child’s laugh, nothing more earnest than a little child’s inquiry for knowledge, nothing more genuine than a little child’s hug, nothing more pure than a little child’s love, and nothing more sacred than a little child’s trust. 
    Motherhood is not a burden to be borne; it is a privilege to be enjoyed.  It is not a trial of endurance; it is a time of celebration!
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Happy Mother's Day!

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