Trash to Treasure

This dresser used to be my husband’s when he was little! We got them for my oldest son when we moved to our house and I always disliked it. Can see why? It was falling apart! So I decided it was time for some painting for it. I still wanted it to look “old” but suitable for the boy’s room.
First, I cleaned it really good. Then (most important step) I primed it. Ever since I found the BIN primer I had never gone back to regular primer. This is why:

  • It is literally like applying GLUE
  • It cures in 45 minutes (vs. others that take 2 hours or even weeks)
  • It can be used in anything including laminated surfaces
  • It sticks pretty good and does not scratch!
  • The paint (any finish) attaches to it like magic without the tedious and messy work of sanding!
The cons:
  • Expensive
  • It stinks!

So the pros outweigh the cons!

 Yes, the boys applied stickers over the years!

I used both the spray and the half gallon size that were leftovers from previous projects.
After it cured, I added to the paint a wonderful product called Floetrol. This dilutes the paint a little bit and reduces the appearance of brushes and roller marks.
 After it dried, I decided I wanted to paint stripes on the dresser and paint the weaved part in chalk paint so the drawers would be labeled. The first step in this was the prep. I used FROG TAPE and made the stripes with the drawers on so I could see where to tape. I wanted them to match. I used a ruler and marked lines of about 5 centimenters wide. I then painted the inside of the stripe with white paint to seal the tape and reduce the risk of the blue paint bleeding (this still happened, keep on reading!)
I then painted the blue lines and let them dry completely overnight. The second line was going to be the weaved “stripe” on the drawer that was going to be painted with chalk paint. I still taped the sides and painted, and I let it dry for about 3-4 hours.
After that, I wanted to have something red on in since these are the colors of my boy’s room. I got some stencils and taped them where I wanted the numbers to be. And this was my error: even though I secured it well, I did nit seal the edges of the stencil with the white and chalk paint, so yes, the red paint bled. I had to manually retouch all of them using a very fine brush. But since I wanted that vintage old look, I did not care for it as much.

 I removed the tape. See? Good looking stripes! this trick works every time!

Here it is almost done.
I then sanded the edges with a fine and medium sand paper, and applied antiquing glaze with a clean towel.
After it dried, I applied Rub on Polyurethane, let it dry and my hubby put the knobs in.

Not bad for about 10 dollars worth of materials. The most expensive part were the knobs at $1 each!!

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  1. That is so freaking cute! I adore it! I am also a fan of Zinnser, Floetrol and Frog Tape.. I guess that means great minds think alike! I love the chalk paint to label the drawers.. But the real question is: Now do your kids put stuff in the right drawer? Since if they do, your makeover is priceless!

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