Goodwill Bliss, etc

Princess LB and I went to the Goodwill and found some treasures! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this stroller and car seat for her babies! And better yet, they were $2.99 each! She adores playing with her dollies and cannot get enough of it.
Isn’t she cute playing mommy? This is all so new to me since I am used to cars, balls, wrestling, train tracks and so on…

And after she played with the babies, she decided it was time to go outside because the boys were working taking weeds out:

Oh my! look at those gigantic weeds! We are getting ready for some gardening, it’s just that the weather has been really cold!
She did not want to be left out, so…

She decided to destroy my parsley plant. Oh well…she is still TOO CUTE!

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