Weekend Happenings

I found some cute outfits at the Goodwill for my little Princess:

 All for about 5 dollars including the boots!

 She is OBSESSED with shoes! she wanted to wear this snow boots for bed!

 She turned 18 months! and yes, she looked adorable in her 5 dollar outfit!

 Mr. Lewis lost a tooth! and we had a fun idea of how to help take it out…with a Nerf gun! we saw this in America’s Funniest Home Videos and he wanted to give it a try! it worked! Look at my handsome toothless big boy! We tied the Nerf gun bullet to dental floss!!! it was painless and fun! The tooth was 90% out though, so don’t worry, it was pain free.

 We ate meatloaf in a bun!
We played Wii and went to Church!
Hope you have a great beginning of the week!

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