All About Me Poster

My oldest son got this poster from his teacher to introduce himself to his class. It is called “Starring Me.” It is supposed to be like a movie about his life. We worked a lot together and he absolutely loves it. I think he was also proud of me for working hard in helping him. These are the moments that I absolutely treasure as a mother, and again I think of how blessed I am that I am here for this and I do not have to miss it.
Here is a picture of how it looked:

 We colored it with crayons and also used scrapbook paper.

 At least here I am in a picture!

 His place to visit…Uruguay! FYI that guy drinking mate there is Abu Luis.Notice the mustache!

 His favorite place is Home…

 I am glad that he has an amazing life!

 He is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but for now he says he’ll be a policeman!

 And more of his favorites…

 Food, ham and cheese pasta! I told you it was a favorite in our house!

 Here he is all done!

Note: the amazing pictures in the poster were taking by my friend Sarah at The Winthrop Chronicles. Check out her photography and blog it is beautiful!!!

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