Oreo Cake Pops

My son Red Ranger turned 5. I still can’t believe it! He wanted a Batman birthday party at our house. We tried to convince him to have it at other places, but no, he wanted it at home. So we stressed out a little bit, but I guess it turned out fine. He really likes Oreos and chocolate, so I decided to try this Oreo cake pops recipe.
You will need:
a packet of Oreos (the real ones, not store bought, to me they have a different flavor)
A whole package of Neufchatel cream cheese, room temp.
Chocolate chips
White chocolate chips
Pop sticks, or kebabs

It really cannot be any easier!

First, take about 7 cookies and put them through the food processor. Set aside. This will be the coating for some of them! You really need a food processor for this, it is a lot better than doing it with a Ziploc bag and a rolling pin!

Run through the food processor the rest of the cookies. After they become crumbs, add the whole package of cream cheese and start the food processor again until it becomes a dough.

Roll out into teaspoon sized balls and chill for an hour

Meanwhile, melt chocolates in microwave (separate) with 2 tsp of shortening.

Dip the tip of the pop stick in the chocolate and then insert into the Oreo pop. Let it set. This is very important, do not omit!!! After it is set, you can dip them into chocolate.

Sprinkle with Oreo crumbs, make sure they stay up for a little while. I used a wicker basket that I have, but you can also use a colander upside down. My pop sticks were too big so it did not work.

I dipped some in white chocolate with and without Oreo crumbs. People really liked them!

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