Batman’s Birthday Party

As I mentioned before, my youngest son turned 5. I want to share with you some of the special moments.
We turned the garage into a Batcave. My sweet husband put weed preventer fabric all over the wall to make it look black. We had a little station where they can come and decorate their masks (I found kits a Hobby Lobby). They also could get they caps that I made with some left over fabric that I had and some felt.
The food consisted of chips, Parmesan breadsticks, Oreo pops, cake pops, cupcakes, fruit salad, Chex Mix and a veggie tray. I also had a “Hydration Station” with bottled water. They played outside first, and then we played the “Super Hero vision test. I found some pictures online and cropped them. They had to guess what the picture was from. One of them for example was the Mickey Mouse ears.
We also played a game called “Capture the Villain” in which they had to pop up balloons. One of them had a picture of the Joker. We had a pinata, but I like to use gifts bags for little ones. The cardboard ones are really hard to break! I just glued a picture of the Joker on the front.
The kids got their treat bags with their name on them.
Red Ranger was very pleased to get lots of presents and most of his awesome friends!
Can’t believe this child is 5. He is a lot of fun to have around.
He likes:
Superheroes, especially Batman
Power Rangers, Ninjas
His Sister and Brother
Mommy, hugs and kisses
Anything sweet
Apples, any fruit except cantaloupe
Abu Luis and Abu Betty

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