Monogrammed Pancakes

As I mentioned before, my son Mr. Lewis and I make breakfast together on Saturday mornings. This is what we did last weekend. The kids love getting a pancake with their initial, a symbol, or a smiley face. Sometimes for Halloween we make scary faces. It is actually so easy to do and it adds something “extra” to breakfast. You will need a decorating bag with different tips or (and I like this better) on of these:

I got mine at Hobby Lobby in the cake isle. I cut the tip with scissors so it could be bigger, that is because the batter is usually thick.
I prepared our favorite pancake batter, it even works great with the purchased kind.
I then poured part of the batter in the icing decorating container. I preheated the griddle and then I sprayed non stick spray. I drew the letters of my kids first names. The trick here is TO DO IT BACKWARDS, BECAUSE WHEN YOU FLIP THE PANCAKE IT WILL BE THE RIGHT WAY SHOWING! This is important! We also made funny faces, hearts, and I even wrote the word “Love” but can you see my mistake there?

Yes! I spelled love the right way! So when I flipped it over it was backwards! I guess with the smiley faces and the hearts it does not matter!

You have to let them cook for a minute or so, and then you can pour batter on top. My kids also like chocolate chips in theirs.
You then flip them over and … TA DA!

 Here are the smiley faces and the hearts!

A little syrup, powdered sugar and blueberry love…perfect start for a Saturday morning!

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