March in a Snap

In the month of March we:

 Celebrated Dr. Seuss day

 We ate green eggs and ham, Sam I am…

Mr. Lewis and I always make Saturday morning breakfast together, he makes delicious pancakes, I’ll give you my recipe soon!

 Dad and Mr. Lewis worked hard in his Pinewood Derby car!

 We enjoyed great weather and ate hot dogs and smores on the fire!

 We went on walks, bike rides and scooter rides

 Princess LB became obsessed with shoes! She even learned the word! A friend of ours gave us this play shoes and she can’t have enough of them!

 Red Ranger enjoyed mowing the lawn

 The boys and Dad went to a Hockey game…

 Mr Lewis had his Pinewood Derby

 He won the “Coolest Car” award!

 oh man! We are super busy! I feel soooooooooooooooooo tired!

Love her!

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