Motherhood is close to Divinity…it really is. When I think back in time when I was a little girl this is what I always envisioned my future to be. Actually, I did not even consider a future without kids. After my son Mr. Lewis was born, I had never experienced those feelings of love before. My husband actually had to beg me to let him hold our baby! Life is not really measured by what we accomplish in mundane things, how much money we have, the car we drive, the house we own. For what would those things be without the people that live in it, that make it a home, a family? For me, the pictures that I am showing here are what life is all about, what makes it magnificent. The moments I enjoy with my children, despite the mess, the chaos, the patience testing, the time-outs and the never ending pile of laundry. I can also see that without a mess memories could not be made, for they are being kids, exploring, discovering, starting their journey.
 They are actually the ones that test my patience and make me a better person, a better mom, a better human being, for they taught me the meaning of love, and how much a Heavenly Father can love each one of us. They taught me that life is simple, and that every single second of time can be treasured and well spent. They taught me the importance of priorities and the side-effects of never-ending love: hugs, kisses, “I love you” out of the blue, “I love you five,” “I love you so much like the whole wide world” Precious!

 Life as a mom is measureb by the moments of happiness enjoyed when we do something fun together!

 Or those precious moments I catch them showing the love they have for each other. It is also manifested in the traditions that we create that will be alive for generations to come, like our favorite game, Monopoly!

It’s in these moments that I realize that even though is difficult, it is so well worth it!

 The sharing, the hugs,

 Or the first time they write my name

 When they play…

 And imagine…

 And show their love …

 And also in those important steps in their lives, just when the first tooth is lost…

 I am indeed thankful to you, my children

For letting me have the best life! I can’t wait to spend all eternity with you! Momma loves you!
This is why I decided to stay home. I really do not want to miss a thing!

picture taken by Greenberry Photography

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