From Hand-me-Down to Hang-me-up

This is the story of a not-really-cute 70’s mirror. It used to be my mother in law’s, who then gave it to my sister in law, who then gave it to us (everything in our house is hand-me-downs or from thrift stores). When my sister in law changed the furniture in her room, she gave it to us. We never liked it and I was not that into refinishing furniture. Can you believe that I was going to throw this puppy away? but my thrifty sixth sense told me no way! I could actually picture it in our living room.
Here is the before:

Here is the after:

I used Rustoleum primer. I let it cure for a day or so, and them I spray painted it with black spray paint. I wanted it to look distessed, so after that I took fine sandpaper and roughed up the edges. I then applied a coat of Polyurethane for protection. So there you go, I actually loved it. My mother in law did not even recognized the mirror, since it used to be attached to a dresser. The dresser is actually in out family room now and its makeover will be revealed soon!

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