February in a snap…

 Mr. Lewis (my son) was King of the day for getting really good grades at school!! In this day, he gets to pick what food to eat, a place to go and he is excused from chores! He picked to eat French Toast for breakfast, and Red Robin for dinner!

 Red Ranger (aka my 2nd son) made his first wooden car!

 Princess L.B helped around the house…

And she also made a mess!!


Red Ranger baked cookies for a play date at our house!


 Here is his friend B. (she says she will marry him)

Mr. Lewis earned his Bobcat in Cub Scouts! 

 Mr. Family fun turned 33!

Princess LB has a new friend, Dolly and they are inseparable
We enjoyed the last snow days of the season
and the boys, well, they are just being boys!!

Rainy days at our house= gigantic mess!!

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