Erupting Volcano!

My kids love to make science experiments. So we tried the Volcano. 
This is what you need:
6 cups flour
2 cups salt
4 TBS of cooling oil
2 cups water
food coloring (red)
white distilled vinegar
baking soda
dishwasher detergent
warm water
baking sheet

 1. First, mix the flour, salt, water and oil and mix well in a bowl

 2. Shape the dough in a baking sheet into a “volcano” and leave the top open.
3. Fill the hole with warm water and food coloring.
4. Add 6 drops of detergent.
5. Add 2 TBS of baking soda to the liquid
6. Slowly add vinegar and watch is erupt!

You cannot see it in the picture, but it actually works! we were too excited to remember the camera. This picture was taken right after we poured the vinegar. Sorry! You’ll have to try it at home to see it for yourself!

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