Christmas Traditions

We like to create Christmas traditions that our children will remember for the years to come. since I am not American, I want to include the best of both countries. However, in Uruguay it is summer and we do most of our activities outdoors. Here it is very different. We do fireworks for Christmas and not for the 4th of July!
Here is what we have done so far:

  •  We do the 12 days of Christmas, we do one activity for each day
  • We ALWAYS do something for the needy. This year we made blankets for a pregnant women shelter
  • We start the “thankful jar” at the beggining of November. We put a coin for one thing we a thankful for, and after Christmas we buy something with it for someone that needs help.
  • We read about Jesus’s birth
  • We read stories by the Christmas tree
  • We make ornaments with new pictures of the kids
  • We make an ornament that is our gift to Jesus. Last year, the kids gave Him the gift of prayer
  • We make treats for the neghbors
  • I rock my baby and sing Hymns to her
  • We play Christmas games and music in the house
  • My husband and I tell them Christmas stories from when we were little
  • We do something special for them the morning of Christmas. One year we made a candy trail leading to their gifts. This year we will cover their door with streamers so they can break it when they come to see their gifts
  • They always make something homemade to their sibling
  • We mail the letter to Santa early and leave it in the “North Pole” mailbox at the park. They actually reply!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

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