Sunburst Mirror

I have been wanting to try to attempt to make my own Sunburst mirror. After a lot of researching, I finally came up with my own idea of how I wanted it. These are the materials you will need:

  • A round mirror. I bought mine at the Hobby Lobby in a packet that contained 2 of them!!
  • A roung piece of wood. I purchased mine a HL too for 70 cents
  • Skewers and drowels
  • Glue gun, LOTS of GLUE!!
  • Craft sticks
  • Spray Paint

Step one:

Make sure you have a design in mind. I wanted mine to be for our bedroom, so I wanted to be big enough to hang on top of our bed. I layed out a pattern and visualized how I wanted it.

                                                      Step 2:

Draw lines using a ruler on your wood circle. I did mine halfwise , then in half again, and then I traced it diagonally. This gives you a reference to where to begin gluing the sticks

Step 3:

Glue away! I started with the drowels. I first made a “cross,” and after that I started gluing more drowels in between those. I also put a round of glue on top of them.  After this I started gluing the skewers so they looked in this pattern:

After this I glued the craft sticks, and put more and more glue! My finger actually got numb from pressing the glue gun so much!!! LOL!
Step 4:
Let dry. Yes, you have to be patient and let it dry completely.
Step 5:
Spray paint! I used the oiled rubbed bronze color from Krylon
Step 6:
Glue your mirror! make sure that the wood circle cannot be seen from the front. I used the wood glue stick!!
Let dry! You can also put a heavier book on top for weight.
Step 7:
Attach hardware and hang!! I actually used a left over from an old frame…LOL we recycle everything in my house!
Step 8:
Admire! and give yourself a pat in the back! you did it!

I hanged it over my bed

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